What happen if you stop going to academy and using your student loan?

My boyfriend has a 50K loan out for aviation institution. In the past they own written him letters when ever he does not step at least a few times or maintain going regularly. And they ask him to start paying it back if he does not start going again.

Currently he is not going at adjectives because he has advanced alot at work and have been travling. What will arise now since he have not gone in a really long time (two months) and continues to not dance? Will they just convey more letters or will he hold to pay final what he has right away?

I can't consult to him about this because he get hold of smad knowing he is being irresponsible letting this move about. So I am just wondering if anyone know any general information or have any exp they can share in this thing.

And what does he need to do if he does not want to attend or do the aviation arts school right now?


Answers:    ur boyfriend ? right?
1st don't marry him until u both progress to money marriage counseling . he's a divorce waiting to start.
2nd he owes the money NOW so he better get paying.
3rd net NO cosigns of any thing beside him.
u don't need this droppings.
visit davramsey.com to swot up the hard curriculum he will not want to learn
If he chooses not to run back to academy at this time, his lender will send him a contribution plan. At that point, if he fails to breed continuous, on-time payments, his loan will be in defaulting. This is a serious problem, and they will begin garnishing his wages, withholding any rates refund he have coming, etc.

Tell him to get wager on in college or be ready to reimburse up!

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