College Georgia Residents Need Address?

Question:Hello, Is there anyone out there who will let me use their Address so I dont has to to pay out-of state tuition? I just need an address to have atleast one bill to come too, so the college will not make me pay. If I have to pay out of state tuition is 4 times higher than in state.

As stated above once I get an address I will get a Po box and from that point no mail will be sent to your house. I just need an address to put on the application.

A little about me.
I am 25 in my 3rd year of college (Junior) I was active Duty Military from 2000 to 2006. I am a midle class citizen who makes too much to receive Financial Aid but not enough moeny to be able to pay for my college fees.

Committing fraud is not the way to go about this - especially for one who served in the military.

Talk to an Admissions officer at the school you want to attend - most schools will require you to live and work in the state, without going to school, before you can obtain residency. See if that is the situation for your school as well.

Have you been out of active duty service for less than 12 months? If so you may be able to get a military waiver. More information regarding military waivers and residency information can be found at

Please try and see what you can do regarding residency the right way.

Good luck!
if you do not want to pay out of state fees for school, go to a school in your state. using someone else's address is fraud and as a military student should know it is wrong. did you get a sign on bonus in the form of the GI bill? if you did you can use that to pay for school.
Here is a convenient address

1754 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30334

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