Best place to get a $20-25,000 student loan?

Question:Any one who is going through school right now and got a student loan help me out. I'm trying to find the best place to get a student loan. Lowest interest rate and such.\

are u going to graduate school?

is this for a bachelors?

thats a hefty amoutn of money youre asking for, try sallie mae, i owe them 13k already, but if they wont give it to you, go with a private loan company, but the interest is higher but theyll give it to u
I've heard Astrive is pretty good? And you can choose to defer payments until after you graduate.
if ur not going to school to be a doctor; don't take out that much money, esp. from a private loan company...and definitely don't take it out from SALLIE MAE..please just get u a job and work while in school. i took out 40,000 and by the time i pay it back i will have paid $150,000. be careful. the government protects loan sharks like Sallie Mae and the private loan industry. don't even think about filing bankruptcy; they will garnish ur checks and then come after your social security..
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