Can I get a public loan for college? What are the best (cost effective for me after I graduate) loans to get?

Question:OK, so I have already used stafford loans for college and I have done the FAFSA but I still need more to meet the cost of my tuition. I need to borrow a lot more. I've heard that alot of these private loans can rip students off with the high interest rates. What are the best loans I can get that do not have exorbitant interest rates?

Ooooh! I'm going through this too!! Actually, from what I've heard/researched, it's almost better to get a loan through your bank than through the government. Their interest rates can kill you when you have to pay it back. And if you go through your bank you have the option of having a cosigner who could greatly reduce your interest assuming they have good credit.

If you have a bank you trust, try talking to them, set up a meeting. I'm using Wells Fargo because actually have a student loan program that's a lot like FAFSA in the fact that you don't have to start paying until you're out of college.

Hope this helps!!
There are many student loan lenders.Before you go for one check the rate of interest and also see that the lender is a legitimate one.
Don't pay any money to get the laon. You can also try for some scholarship online.
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Go to your financial aid office and ask for some advice. Though the rates are better getting one from your local bank will require you to start making payment immediately.

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