Cant pay my bills while in school!?

Question:I am a mother of two a son that is 5 and a girl who is almost a year. I am a single mom trying to get through school. I have always had low paying jobs and decided that I would go back to school to make life better for me and my two kids. I was a high school drop out and I want a better life. Well I going to school to be a nurse. The classes are so hard so I cant work full time and go to school. I got a small check from the goverment to help, but it was not enough. I am about to have my electric turned off and I am behind on rent. I have already had my gas turned off. Does anyone know where I can get a FAST student loan. I dont have any credit, I have never bought a car, house or had a credit card. I dont have a co-signer either. Everyone in my family is just as broke as I am. I pray that somebod out there has an answer. I cant loose my electric and my house and I would like to get my gas back on so I can give my kids a warm bath again. SO PLEASE HELP!

First let me say that kudos to you for setting a great example for your children and going back to school. It won't be easy but it will be well worth the effort. I'm going to assume that you filled out the FAFSA and received some form of financial aid from the government both federal and at the state level. If they did not cover the cost of your education (which includes housing) you can take out a PLUS loan for the remainder. Those have a fixed APR and you don't have to start paying it back until you are finished with your degree.
If you haven't filled out the FAFSA, I'd do that ASAP. You can go to the financial aid office at your school and discuss your situation with them. They'll certainly help you out as much as they can. They can provide you with grant/scholarship information as well as information regarding the PLUS loan. Good Luck you and your studies!
did you file your fafsa, if you are a single mother with 2 children then should get a nice financial aid package,and part-time in school might be the best to be a nurse, because nursing along with anything,engineering, and science are the hardest majors, whatever you decide to do not take out alot of loans since you will have to pay them back later so be careful
There are many scholarships given out by government and other organisations every year. You can try for some online government scholarships or grants. Fill up online forms and see if you are selected for the scholarship.
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