Can I get a tutor for my special needs child if I want to homeschool him?

Question:I guess my question is will it be covered by BCMH? They already paid for his hearing aids, I was just wondering if I could get a tutor paid for so I could keep him at home?.

He just doesnt seem happy when he goes to school, and is very hard to deal with. In the summer he is a totally different child, very happy and talks so much more clearly. It's like the difference between night and day.

I would like to take him to speech therapy a few times a week and whatever else he may need, just wondering if there was any financial help out there?

I dont want to send him an hour away anymore, and the neighborhood school doesnt want to offer him anything, even though by law they are suppose to. What I mean by offer is they dont have any special programs or teaching methods for my child.

I would doubt it. In NC it is actually illegal for a parent to pay someone to take over homeschool their child, but I'm not certain that is always the case. If you google the name of your state and homeschool, you might find out if it is at least legal or not. You might want to consider checking out all the available resources out there for homeschooling families. I know of an English major working with her 17 yr old on calculus together and both seem to enjoy it.
If you homeschool, you, as the parent, are responsible for the education. You cannot hire a private instructor unless they are certified.

If you are talking about some individual services for a specific problem, then yes, you can hire a tutor.

The public school is still required to provide you with any special services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc). If there was any part of his education that you still wish to retain, you can bring him once a week to the school where that service is provided. I know it's a long drive, but maybe for 2 hours on a Friday, or something.

Speech therapy should be available at your home school (neighborhood school.)

If he qualifies for Children's Medical Services or Medicaid, then private services might be covered.
Why don't you get help from tutors who have experience teaching special needs child. Maybe they would know all the details. Go to sites where many tutors hang out:
Good luck!

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