Fafsa question?

Question:What are all of the "ingredients" that my college wants before I can get financial aid other than the actual fafsa? They want my parents stuff too but I don't know what stuff their after

NOTE:(not online fafsa and don't tell me to fill it out online)

Each school is different in what they require. Some require just the FAFSA; others require you complete the FAFSA as well as their own application (this is what our financial aid office does).

Once you complete the FAFSA you may be selected for a process called Verification. In this, a school will have you fill out a Verification Worksheet as well as turn in the 2006 tax information from you and your parents (for the 0708 FAFSA).

If you are unsure of exactly what they are needing from you then you should talk to a financial aid officer so they can let you know what they are needing.

Good luck!
Uhh, you need to talk to the Financial Aid counselor. They will tell you EVERYTHING you need to apply. Every school has different requirements that need to be met.

There is usually a loan class and then entry exam.

Pleeaaaaaaaaaase listen to me and make the appointment with the counselor. You really need to go through the step by step process in this. Trust me, you will be seeing this FAFSA again 10 years from now so why not take the time to really do it right and know exactly what your doing.

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