Are there any scholarships for motherless daughters or daughters of suicidal parents?

Question:I have been looking online and can't find a thing about either one of these topics. My mother committed suicide in 2004, while I was in college. My grades were pretty bad (2.0) anyways I've finally built it back up to 2.93 now. I'm almost at that 3.0 :) Anyways I'm looking for help with paying for college. My parents always paid for my college, and now my dad struggles to pay it. He is always talking about suicide and I hate it. I love life and I have no reason to want to die. I'm glad I wasn't cursed with their obsurd view on life...Anyways let me know if someone finds anything :) Thanks.

There are many scholarships given out by government and other organisations every year. You can try for some online government scholarships or grants. Fill up online forms and see if you are selected for the scholarship.
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Wow, I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. I admire you for staying in school. I do not know of any scholarships, but I wish you luck and pray that you find strength to keep pursuing your dreams! You can do it girl!

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