College scolarships?

Question:what all they look at towards givin a random a scholarship for school other than grades.. and does income matter also

Each scholarship has its own criteria. If you are referring to scholarships you apply for and bring to your school, then you will need to read up on each one you are applying for to see what is required.

If you are referring to scholarships that are offered by the institution which you are attending, then you should talk with a financial aid officer at your school to get more information.

Not all schools are the same, but at our school we only have one scholarship that is totally based on academics; the remainder are a combination of need and academics. When we have a pool of students eligible for a particular scholarship we look first look to see if they are meeting the minimum requirement set forth by the donor, then we look at need. So if you have two students, both of whom have a 3.5 GPA but one has an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of 0 and one has an EFC of 4000 and there is only enough money for that particular fund to award one scholarship, then it will go to the student who has a 0 EFC.

You should talk to a financial aid officer at your school for more information/guidance.

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Every scholarship award is different and has different eligibility requirements. Some are offered for good grades, some are offered for low-income students, some are for single mothers, some are for international students, and so on.

Here are some good sites to find a grant or scholarship that's right for you:

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There are many scholarships given out by government and other organisations every year. You can try for some online government scholarships or grants. Fill up online forms and see if you are selected for the scholarship.
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