Education loan - what is the best bank to borrow from?

Question:I bank with Chase and they seem to have a pretty good rate. I've also checked out Astrive. Both seem reasonable to me. Can anyone share experiences they've had with either or recommend someone better?

Please do not give me information on scholarships and government money, I need information on a loan only. Thanks!

I have school loans through Sallie Mae and through Wachovia. Both have great rates and the customer service is very good as well.

I've heard bad things about Astrive, about how someone was quoted one rate and given another higher one, so I would be VERY careful with them. If you bank with Chase my guess is they will be the best to get a loan from. However, you should shop around at every bank possible, because loan rates vary a lot and you want to make sure to get the best rate possible.

Good luck!

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