Can you still get full Financial Aid with a part-time job.?

Question:My cousin is going to college next year. She qualifies for full Financial Aid but she wants to get a part-time job while she is attending college. The problem is if fafsa finds out she has a job, will they still pay all of her college expenses.

Yes, I had full financial aid with a part-time job equaling 30 hours per week. It really is going to depend on how much you are asking for financial aid too. You are only allowed a certain amount per year depending on how long you have been in school for. If for some reason they will not give her full financial aid she can apply for a supplemental loan...ex: expenses for books, housing, laptop, ect... Just remember that what you use will need to be paid back in the future, so only take what you NEED.
As long as she doesn't make too much money, it won't affect her. The exact amount depends on her family's income, so it is possible for the part time job to affect her financial aid but it all depends.
Of course. It depends on how much you make in a year.
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Good luck!

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