Can you show me my sss contribution?

We can't show it to you -- you have to ask for it yourself

I suggest you contact the Social Security System of the Philippines for your SSS contribution directly.

SSS Building
East Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. No. (632) 920-6401, 920-6446

Ask them for the nearest SSS branch in your area

Or visit their website though it is always down

Their website has an Online Inquiry system that you can log in to access your account, though you need to know your SSS number -- if it is not in the online inquiry system, then you need to go to the nearest SSS

EDIT -- This is the Philippines SSS number, which unlike the USA where SSN shapes your whole life, SSS in the Philippines is not tied to anything (heck there's not even a credit bureau in there). Most Filipinos don't even know much less memorize their SSS numbers.
,Social security?
Answer: $600.00 weekly * .0765= $45.90
Your employer pays $45.90 also making the total contribution $91.80
The SSA sends a statement every year before your birthday listing what your contributions have been each year you've been working and what your benefits would be should be become disabled.

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