Do you have too qualify for unsubidized,perkins loans my award letter said i will receive subidized and pell?

Question:or can you apply for these loans at any time how often can you apply each year or semester first year in college
thank you

Ck w/ financial aid at school. Don't take out too much loans, cause it's a b - - - - - to have to pay back. U don't want to grad or quit school & have a ton of loan pmts 2 make. Get really focus on ur studies, apply for all grants, scholarships and aid u can get. The sooner u can get on Honors program at ur college the better 4 u. Lots of doors open 4 good, solid students.

Usually u have to go to FAFSA website enter ur pin # and take lesson in learning about financial aid. It clearly teaches u about loans, grants, and various college aid. Ur school usually has specifics too, so do Federal websites on college fin aid.

Ur college acceptance letter will have u go online to do electronic signatures... and the govt will send hard copies if ur ask. There is a limit on the amt of loans u can have each yr of school. Remember the next 4 yrs (nose to the books)will determine how hard or how easy ur adult life will be.
If it says you are going to receive them you have already qualified for them. You need to reapply by filling out a FAFSA every year, after you have done your taxes but before June, for the upcoming school year. Your school's financial aid office will have the FAFSA application or you can do it online.
In addition to completing the FAFSA, some schools have you fill out an additional in-house application to determine what type of aid you want (Stafford Loans (if eligible), Perkins Loan, Institutional Loans, etc.). Does your school have such a form?

If not then contact a financial aid officer to see about applying for additional loans. You will be limited in what you can receive. Think hard about applying for additional loans because you don't want to have that much debt upon leaving school if you can help it!

The COA (Cost of Attendance) in conjunction with your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) will determine what other loans or aid you may be eligible for. Just know that no matter what, you cannot go above the maximums for loans ( or cannot go above your COA for any of your financial aid.

Talk to a financial aid officer for more information/guidance.

Good luck!
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Good luck!

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