Fafsa efc 0?

Question:I applied with fafsa and have an efc of 0, but i am applying very late in the year. am i still likely to get help since my efc is 0?

Yes, if all the information is correct on your fafsa and you meet about a million other guidelines, you would be eligible for the full pell grant going full time at your school. It may take a very long time for your paperwork to process, but you will still get the grant. Other grants, like state grants, you might not be eligible for because you applied too late.
Always apply for financial aid as soon after Jan 1 as possible. As soon as you do your taxes. Yes you are actually applying 8 months in advance, but this will give your school plenty of time to process your application and get you in for state money as well.
Good Luck!
YES! You are very lucky.
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an efc of 0 is very good! efc is your estimated family contribution. what this is saying is that your family is not helping you with the costs of school, and therefore the government needs to offer you grants and loans to pay for your college.

applying late may be a bit troublesome, because most aid goes by need and since your need is greater than others, you should be okay. contact your financial aid advisor and ask if you're worried. they'll be able to alleviate your fears better than any of us.

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