Did I Use The Correct Website To Apply For A Stafford Loan?

Question:I went to google and typed in stafford loan and the first link was for www.staffordloan.com. I went through the promts to appy and when I called the school to check the status of the application, they had no records of it, and she was asking did it ask for a lender and It DID NOT...
Did I use the correct website?
If not what is the website to appy for a subsidized or unsubsidized staffor loan?
If it was the correct website, how do I find out the status of the loan??

That is a bogus website. Your school should be able to give you a list of lenders or tell you exactly how to go about applying for a Stafford Loan.

Be sure to watch for signs of identity theft as these kinds of websites that ask for personal information are not secure.
You should have started with the FAFSA website and worked with the school's financial aid office. Call your school and ask them about their process.
You have to start with the FAFSA, then they tell you which loans you're eligible for, such as the Stafford.

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