FAFSA help!?

Question:I just changed some of the answers on my FAFSA to reflect that I have moved out of my house and am now living on my own. Why isn't FAFSA seeing me as poor and giving me money?? I'm too old in the eyes of the government for my parents to be contributing anymore so it's not them. Do I need to fill out the FAFSA online and then submit it somehow to my school? Or are they supposed to do that?

if you are now considered independent you can say one of the following: you are 25+, married, have a child, or are enlisted in the military. if you were originally considered independent on the form then things would not change just stating that you live on your own now. the fact that you live on your own doesnt take your parents out of the equation if you are not considered independent. I had to claim dependent status my entire college career even though I lived on my own, worked full time and completed my own taxes. if you are looking for a change for this academic year (2006-2007) it is already completed so there are no more dispursements. if it is for next academic year (2007-2008) talk with your financial aid office to make the changes. they will be the one to complete it with the government for you. if you already completed the application and gotten your award (or denial letter) they most likely are overlooking the changes you made. sometimes there is such a flood of applications that some get lost or are thought to be duplicates.
Go to the financial aid office at your school and talk to them. The fafsa is a government funded operation and they usually have only computers reading your submitted forms. It isn't like a real person is considering your situation and how poor you are. You'll have to either contact the irs (via the support hotline on the fafsa page) or your financial aid office at your college/university.
Once you submit your fafsa it is submitted and doesn't change unless for big events. I experienced the same problem with my fafsa a few years ago. Don't fill out your fafsa until after you get married, have a kid, or move, etc.

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