Do you qualify for disability living allowance if you are deaf?

Go to your nearest Job Centre Plus, and ask thier advice on this matter. They should be able to help you , or point you in the right direction . Good luck.
i would say so, but sure just get the forms and try you have nothing to lose

ashes u dont have to be unemployed to get dla
Yes but have to be very Deaf and also no school and no job at all...if so then you get sometime 4000.00 a month.
Hi, it is fully possible - however remember that DLA is awarded because of care needs (or mobility) not on the basis of a diagnosis/condition. If you have needs that mean you need or would benefit from someone else helping you eg needs with communication, personal care etc you will qualify. Best thing to do is ask the Citizens Advice Bureau or use the text phone to talk to the benefits enquiry line - Text Phone: 0800 24 33 55. All the best

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