Do you have to claim your dependents on your taxes in order to get Financial Aid awarded?

Question:I am being told that you have to claim dependents who get more then half your income on your taxes before you can count them on your fafsa by the financial aid office at school. Previously I use to claim dependents just on my fafsa and did not need to claim them on my taxes. when did it all change

Sounds like you've been selected for verification and claiming on your FAFSA that you have dependents for which you provide half of the support but not showing any exemptions on your tax return is a flag to us that you are not really providing 50% of the support...its called conflicting data and we must resolve it before we can disburse aid.

If you have children who live with the other parent and you pay child support, that is not a dependent child. However, you can include the amount you pay in child support on worksheet C.

If you have children and you and your spouse alternate years as to who can claim the children on the return, the child might be a dependent. But if you are not the custodial parent, I wouldn't consider the child(ren) as your dependents ...sorry.

If you are the custodial parent and you and your former spouse alternate years as to who can claim the child(ren) on the return, then you can count them as your dependents and provide proof that its your ex's turn to claim them though you are the custodial parent.

Hope I helped. Good luck.

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