Anyone know about scholarships for students majoring in international studies?

Question:I go to school in Mississippi.

Check out a scholarship search services like, your school's financial aid office, if you have a school/department of International Studies, and your professor for leads. If you have a specific concentration, for instance, on human rights, try browsing through a related NGO's website such as Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International and get your leads from there

Your question is pretty general; I'm not sure if you are looking for a scholarship to study abroad, have a specific concentration within International Studies/International Relations, or to fund strictly your undergraduate or future graduate plans

In any event, there are some well known scholarships you can look into that have an international flavor ot them such as the following: Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, Luce Scholarship, NSEP-David L. Boren Study Abroad Scholarship, Fulbright Grants, and Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

I'm still on my alma mater's School of International Relations listserv so I doing a quick glance at some of the old emails, these are some scholarships/organizations that I'm guessing will offer their scholarships on an annual basis (sorry if some of them are LA based, but you could probably find chapters in Mississippi as well):

-ATHGO International Global Forum (participation makes you eligible to win a Scholarships)
-World Trade Week Education Committee (Annual Scholarships,
-The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals, a year-long work/study scholarship program to Germany
-Swedish Club of Los Angeles is offering a grant of $2,000 to a qualified senior or graduate student in the field of International Relaitons
-Josephine de Karman Fellowships

Check They are a great database for scholarships. Good Luck!

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