Can you get another student loan if your default on one right now?

Question:I'm default on a student loan I got about ten years ago it's for about 2,700 I've had my wages garnished about my tax returns seized can I get another student loan to go back to school or is 2,700 dollars going to keep me from getting a education?

no you cant.
Let's see, 10 years ago I borrowed $2700 from you and disappeared.
And then today I called you up and said, "Hi, Buddy! Can I have some more money? C'mon! It's for my edumacation!"

Would you...
a) give me the money.
b) hang up.

I think the government is a little once bitten, twice shy about it.
You only get one chance to screw em over.
Actually, you can, I have done it and just graduated college about 2 weeks ago. I had been in default for several years. It was quite a process, and I never really had any money to make payments, but it ended up working out. Call up your loan company and ask them some question, like about how to get your loans bought. I had terrible credit and a bank would have never given me a loan, but the loan people themselves re-bought my loans so that I would be out of default and be able to return to school and get an education. By the way, those people who answered previously are rude little smart asses, if you don't have something helpul to say leave people alone. Not many people default on student loans on purpose, usually that indicated a hardship in life. Those of us that want to be educated deserve to be, and that is pretty much the only legal way to ever make enough money to pay them back!

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