Can Iget a student loan even if i recieve financial aid?

Question:for extra money. i go 2 a community college

I believe that you can. My daughter got aid, and it turned out it wasn't quite enough to pay it all. She went to her school's financial aid office, and they helped her apply for her student loan. Good luck to you.
Yes you can get a loan. Your college should have all the information about that. Go to and fill it out. One question will ask if you are interested in loans and you just answer yes.
I did.

yes, subsidized and unsubsidized..check with your financial aid dept.
yes because they are separate
sure agie1, I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here. Good luck!
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Student loan=financial aid.

Can you get H20 even if you have water?
Can you get money even if you have cash?
Can you get a skanky waste of space even if you have Paris Hilton?

You get the point.
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