Can someone tell me how you get information from the government, for assisstance?

Question:What I want to know is, can you get this information without having to pay for it. You know how they advertise this but you have to pay for the information, to apply for these grants. Is there a web-site where you can go to, to fill out the papers without having to pay for this. I need assistance for medical problems.

yes, go to the federal student aid site

you fill out the forms there online, lots of help in helping you do that, its all free,
most , unless you make alot of money, qualify for a Pell Grant, which will cover tuition and books with some for expenses left over, this you do not have to pay back
there are also Federal Loans, which you can check the box on the form to be considered for those, it doesnt mean you are accepting a loan, just that you are interested
keep in mind that often if you take out a student loan, it can reduce the Grant you receive, as it , the loan, means you have more money for school, and loans you do have to pay back after you leave school,
so i suggest you first just go for the grant, see if you can make it on that, without a loan, you can do a loan later if needed
never pay for this information, its all out there for free, at this site or the Dept of Education web site
ps: you did mean assistance to go to school, not for the actual medical problems, didnt you?

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