Do i qualify to be an independent student if my parent get denied for the plus loan.?

if your parents have been denied for the plus loan, yes you could be eligible to receive loans as if you were independent. talk with your financial aid office to be sure your school follows that rule but most do. you could take out more loan money as an independent student than a dependent one.
you would not be considered fully independent where you wouldnt need to use your parents tax information on your application, though.
Nope. If you are under 24, unless you are married or were an emancipated minor, you are a dependent student. I think its awful, but them's the rules! Check around and see what other loans you can apply for.
Unfortunately, the government makes it very difficult to have an independent status if you are under 24 and not married. It is possible if you can prove that you are self-sufficient but it takes a lot of time, work, and paperwork. And even though it is possible, it's not very likely it will be approved. My brother is 23 and just decided to go back to school. He has been on his own for 4 years now, but still has to be listed as a dependent for his financial aid. Ridiculous isn't it.

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