Are there limitations as to how you use the money from a student loan?

Question:I'm applying for a federal student loan, not only to help me pay for school, but to pay off a $2000 credit card debt I've had for the last 3 years. Is this legal? Does the federal government view credit debt as another living expense? Because it pretty much is, right?

There are specifications that student loan money is used for such as housing, transportation (not the purchase or payment of a car), items for school such as a computer(which is required now a days for most all courses), clothes, etc. Most importantly remember that "school loans" apply to what is directly a necessity for "school" . Credit card payments are not considered a portion of the "living expense" because it is not REQUIRED that you have a credit card, or charge things on it. Living expenses are things that are considered a "need" in order to survive and be productive in school. Housing, clothes, =NEED--over spending=NOT NEED.

I know it is easy to "justify" the expense, but again there are stipulations to the loan. If you need to justify the credit card, use your student loan to pay your rent/mortgage, and take what you normally spend on that expense and put it towards the credit card debt. And don't charge anymore if you need something, make sure it is a need.

I am not trying to lecture you, or tell you what to do. Ultimately you are the one that would have to explain away the expenditures if ever asked. Be prepared to do so if it ever comes up, just be cautious and wise in the spending of the loan monies ok! Good Luck, and best wishes for success in school!
Well, I don't believe that your debt is a consideration for getting a student loan. What concerns me is that you are getting one loan to pay off another. You do know that regardless of your circumstances, you can only erase student loan debt by paying it? If you must someday declare bankruptcy, and you're current spending habits suggest that you will, student loans are not part of the bankruptcy. Only borrow what you absolutely need, stop charging stuff, and pay off the credit card debt by getting a part time job.
You are doing a foolish thing and trying to justify it in your mind.
You are free to spend th money any way that you see fit.Yet,all that you are doing is shuffling your debt.You will still owe it,you will simply owe it to someone else.
The federal government views you as a borrower,that is how you are seen.
If you play games with this,you will learn a very adult lesson.Your credit will be a wreck and your tax refund will be garnered if you do not pay the debt yourself.
You are hereby advised to rediscover cash.If you do not have it,pay down your debt until you do have it.

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