Can your student loans be transferred to different schools if you drop out of one school?

Question:I'm quitting my community college and I want to start at a four year school this month, everything is set to go except for my financial aid... i'm wondering how it will work since my loans are already out for the quarter at my previous school. All of my loans are federal, I don't have any personal bank loans for school. Thanks!

You will have to edit your FAFSA form to my knowledge... try that or talk to your financial aid office at your college.
yes they can be you just have to contact your loan provider and have them change it to the school you be going the only problem with that is you wont have any money for the semester you dropped out
You do need to edit your FASFA online if you can. Log on and add the school you would like to transfer to. It will take a couple of days to process. As long as you haven't signed to accept the money at your community college, you can get the money for the four year university. If you already accepted the money at the community college and then don't show for classes, you will lose your money for the semester and you will be put on financial aid probation.

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