Can a college have you pay them for a grant that you recieved from the federal goverment ?

Question:I went to school for a whole year ,then was told by the school that i was not eligble for the federal pell gant i recieved. They said i had not turn in a ged /or diploma &a selective service report.they waited a whole year to tell me that i was not eligble and that they wanted me to pay them back for the classes i took.

Yes, if you didn't answer the questions truthfully or if you did not turn in all the complete paperwork, the school may have you return the money. However, if I was in your situation, I would hurry up and turn in the GED, SS report, and any other missing info, and then see if they will not make you pay it back. You can always call FAFSA or the financial aid office at your school to discuss your options.

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