Does anyone know of a job that a 10 year old can do?

paper route
mow lawns, paperboy
make shoes, sewing, mining...oh wait, is this in the US?
mowing lawns, walking dogs, lemonade stand or a beer stand if your local laws approve. just kdding about that last one. :)
cut ur neighbors grass kid
Dog walker, paper boy
You could try doing some lawn work. Like the fall is coming up and people need their leaves raked and their lawns mowed before it snows.
Help clean up on a farm.
mowing lawns
at that age i was mowing lawns and passing out flyers
mowing my yard

id give him zero bucks though
work in a sweat shop! just kidding umm well you could mow the yards or you could make up a chore list and do those for a type of job.
maybe babysitting, but thats a little too young. For the kid's sake try allounce, for the family's sake try mowing lawns, asking people for help around their houses. Stuff like that.

but getting their *** off the computer would be a good start in finding one.
Move to Thailand, they've got lots of work for you.
Step 1. Move to a country in Southeast Asia
Step 2. ?
Step 3. Profit
I see it here several places, but mowing lawns was my very first business venture. I expanded into all sorts of yard work and yard clean-up. You could also try washing cars. Some people just won't go to a carwash, but if they're at home on the weekend they'd love to have you wash their car.
A word of advice: some people will try to cheat you, or will try to get you to work all day for a few bucks, or, worst of all, they just won't pay. Set a fair price, do a good job (or even better, do a great job) and don't be shy about collecting what is owed to you.
rake leaves
shovel snow
take out trash
mow lawn
paper route
house chores
: D
Odd jobs around the neighborhood like mowing lawns, shoveling sidewalks, etc. You could also try mother's helping (babysitting but while the parent is home and doing other things) because i don't believe that you can get your red cross babysitting license until you're 11, atleast in new york state. It may be different in other places.
Sell pokemon and comic books over the internet (hey, folks, paper routes are so 20th century!)
walk dogs.
mow lawns.
paper boy (Or girl!).
you can do something at your school... I worked on the year book and got 10 dollars per page!
Paper route
Baby sitter, if the child is very responsible
Modeling, if you know of any child talent agencies that would be interested in your child
House hold chores
Dog walker, if the dogs aren't too big.

I think 10 is a bit young for a child to work for anyone besides family, but I hope this helps. I guess if your child is very smart, and has personality, you could try to audition the child for next season's Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.
Fall is coming many people will be cleaning up their yards.Rake leaves,help clear up old garbage,general yard work.Just go door to door and ask people if they would be intersested in hiring you to do yard work for them.Mowing is another option if you have a safe mower with a bag on it.At ten I went out and collected old newspapers and pop cans for extra money.
live in the suburbs...paper route is def the way to your
local paper...start with a small route in your area to see if you like it...when i was 12 i got a job at a local kennel cleaning and watering and feeding the animals...check around to see if thats possible...good luck..oh i also went door to door asking neighbors if they would like me to take out their trash on garbage day...that paid off real well...oh and another..there was a senior citizen retirement community nearby..i went there ...took out their trash on garbage day...washed cars...did minor errands to grocery store for them.
You mean in the neighborhood, for spending money? Walk a dog, wash a dog, rake a lawn, sweep a patio, change birdcage liners, feed birds, water plants. If you mean to help out around home, you could fold clothes, put clothes away, move clothes from washer to dryer, empty trash, empty dishwasher and put away dishes. vacuum.
mostly yard work, pull weeds, pick up dog poop, mow lawns.
You could do some dog walking, pet sitting, or perhaps a paper route. If there is a family member or a friend of the family that has a business, you can ask them if you could distribute fliers for them for advertising.
At your age, you are not legally allowed to work for anyone but family, but if you think outside the box and are willing to do lots of things, you should be able to make some cash.
Here's another one... ask your neighbors if you can wash their windows or their cars. Make sure you do a good job everywhere you go so they ask you back.
Ask around your neighborhood, about odd jobs. Most of us have a few minor things that need to be done around the house that we either don't have time for or we just don't want to do it. Ask around, I'm sure you will find something.
You could clean pools, rake leaves (soon), shovel snow (depending on where you live, and also a few months away.
Ask at your school. Maybe a younger student needs a tutor, get your parents together and see if you can make a little money tutoring. Even if you aren't great in school, if you pick a kid that is a year or two younger you should be able to help them.
Good luck!
Have YOUR CHILD check at his elementary or middle school to express an interest. Have him keep asking different people if he doesn't get a suitable reply... sometimes it takes a few tries to get to the right person. Many schools have a couple of "work study" positions available that never get advertised or promoted. I'm not sure how they are funded, prob by the state or the feds, but encountered this at more than one school.
When I was 12, I worked 30 minutes a day in the school cafeteria loading lunch trays into a big dishwasher. I earned 5 dollars a week cash and received free lunch and breakfast.
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