A scholarship to a music school?

Question:Ok I am currently going to the 10th grade as of monday 13th 2007 an I love music it is my life i want to go to a performance art school but I know it gonna cost loads of money I was wondering how I can work my way into getting a scholarship please help im veryvery lost on what i should do i want to major in music and minor in drama i need help

The best place to start looking for scholarships is your high school guidance office because they have a list of local scholarships and state grants. Another place is to fill out in your senior year the FAFSA form for the next school year because it will be based on family income and savings. The last place is to search out free membership college scholarship search websites. Just remember, good grades, SAT/ACT test scores, and activities do help in getting money to attend college. Good luck!
Go to the colleges websites, and talk to your high school counselor. When applying, you'll be required to supply an audition tape, and plan to perhaps have an audition at the school. If not taking private classes in music or acting, you'll want to start.

Scholarships are very competitive at some universities, if not all. Lots of kids love music, but you need a real drive, and be VERY good to apply and hope to be accepted.
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You can get free scholarship info here:

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