Any pharmacists/pharmacy students please answer! Question about school...?

Question:Ok, so i know this is a dumb question but i dont know who else to ask.. anyway im a chem major now, and i plan on going on to pharmacy school and becoming a pharmacist. basically i was just wondering if i would be required to write the thesis/dissertation that everyone dreads so much. It seems like maybe its just required for fields of research? i honestly dont know.. and i dont have a good counselor at my school to ask either. ANY info would be great, especially from those with experience in pharmacy school. thanks everyone!

No. As the entrance procedure to some schools, you might be required to write an essay on a general topic such as "why I would make a good pharmacist?" or something similar. Standard entrance requirements are completing the required prerequisites, a good GPA, a good PCAT score and having a personal interview at the school.
i don't know the exact answer regarding to your question but i have an idea... go to yahoo search then type >>apa, reference.. it's a guide for doing a thesis..
hope it hepls!
I am not a pharmacist but I am familar with the Pharmacist School rewuirements. I know insome programs they give you a choice of a dissertation or a project. THe said thing is that most Pharmacist that are over 34 only had to have a 5 year bachelors degree.
PS Look at Texas Tech in Amarillo they are a great school or UT. Stanford is the #1 School and UT the #2.
In order to become a pharmacist, you do not need to do a dissertion. You just need the required classes, experience and some school require the PCAT.

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