Any good suggestion for extra curricular activities for psychology major aiming to get into UCLA?

Question:hi, I would like to know what kind of extra curricular activities should I join if I want to get into ucla? what clubs?what kind of voluntary works? part-time jobs? and also, for some of the activities,like church involvements, how can I proof? do I need to send them a certificate or anything?thanks.

PCC has a Psychology Club on campus, so you can start there; your fellow psych students can point you to other opportunities. UCs will take your word for your extracurricular activities (self-reporting); altho campuses may elect to randomly audit applications. An audit will require people to write letters confirming your involvement in the extracurricular activities you listed on your application.
Well...I'll do my best to help you out here since I applied to UCSD out of state and got in. I didn't apply to UCLA though, but I'm guessing they have similar criteria.

Some things that I think made me stand out are:
Involvement in Gene Research in C. elegans for 2 years
State and Regional Winning Science projects
Placed at State Competitions in Latin
National Latin Exam Awards
Placed at State Competitions in Health Occupation Students of America
Multicultural Dance

Everything else I did was the regular...random clubs...NHS, Student Council etc

As for volunteer you don't need documentation

You just type it in on the application what you did and the hrs/week. It's pretty much an estimation. You don't have to be exact.

I'm a science major I'm guessing the research and science fair project stuff REALLY helped a lot because it showed that I have a passion for science.

Volunteering at a hospital is also a good idea in your case.
I will assume that you are a high school student who would like to enter the Bachelor's Degree program at UCLA. Of course, you also might be an undergraduate student someplace else and want to transfer to UCLA. But, this doesn't apply to admission for graduate school. Either way, it isn't the type of activity as much as your involvement and commitment to the activities you join. Leadership, motivation, cooperation, sociability, character, and personal interests are all exhibited through your choice of passtimes and level of involvement. For applying to college, specifying a major is not of great importance unless it is a pre-professional program such as premed or prelaw or business, which may have enrollment limits. Most people do not choose a major so much as express an interest in a major at the time of applying for admission. Being president of the library service club is as good as being president of student council. Being a three year member of the choir is as good as being on the debate team. Having a summer landscaping job is as good as volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. Astronomy club is as good as psychology club. being on the chess team is as good as the baseball team. It depends on what you make of your activities and how you present them in your application. And, you don't need to submit proof. Most colleges will accept your claims on the application as being honest but they might ask you to talk about them during an interview, if the school has an interview.

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