18 credits per semester too much??

Question:Right now I'm registered for 15 credits, but seriously thinking about going for 18. I'm used to a heavy workload since I transferred from a private college. The maximum at my school is 19, and 18 is recommended only if you don't work -- which is fine, since I don't anyways, haha. My courses are ...

Math (3.0)
Spanish (5.0)
History (3.0)
English (4.0)

The last class I'm considering is Microecon.

What are your thoughts and suggestions??


Wow, yeah I'd say that is a lot, especially with history and english being a lot of reading and essays, math being alot of problems, and spanish being a lot of reading and vocabulary. And I see Spanish is worth 5 credits and english 4 so there is alot more work than a regular class. But microeconomics really isn't too bad.I took it last semester and got an A in it and didn't even buy the book...just took notes. It's a lot of terms and math formulas, but nothing too challenging at all. If I were you, I'd go for it, because if you have the time for it why not. And you aren't taking any lab sciences, so it won't be as bad. If you were taking a science course or two, I wouldn't suggest taking it because all your time would most likely be wrapped into the class and lab reports like my time was when I took Microeconomics. I didn't try very hard, but I just went to all the classes and studied.
If you think you can handle the workload, then go for it. But you are going to be really busy.
I am actually doing the same thing. I am working on my Associate in Science degree, and I will be finished in 4 semesters (only 1 year) because I am taking the max amount of hours. It can really shorten the time in college. I want to get done as FAST as I can! Good luck.
If you aren't working, then take the 18, I'm sure you can handle it.
I have 15 and work two jobs, so yeah you should definitely take all you can if you aren't working.
You are suggesting a heavy class load, but it is far from impossible.

Especially since you suggest that you are not working and are used to a heavy load from your previous college, I say that you should go for it if you can afford to pay for the classes.

None of the classes you list seem all that hard. Personally, I would be concerned about the Spanish class. It is not that it is so hard, but I have never taken Spanish. Have you any background in Spanish? If so, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

MIcroecon was the easiest class I took as an undergrad.. then again my major was engineering.
I've taken 18 and 19 credit hours before and 12 during the summer, but keep in mind that sometimes it's a good idea to pace yourself and take a lighter load at some point. When I was in school, we had to get permission from a department head to exceed 18 hours. After they sign the first permission slip, in following semesters, generally they will recognize you and won't even talk to you about it a second time.

I would suggest that when you take a heavy load, it would be a good idea to include a couple of classes you really enjoy that require less effort for you.
Adding micro econ would make this too demanding a load provided those are all lower level classes and not things like English (4) is "Origins of the English Language" and History (3) is "History of World Revolutions" or some such.

It seems to me this 18 hour load is more than reasonable - as long as you don't work or party a lot.
damn i wish i could get that much..keep it up! smart ***
I think you can handle it because credit wise it is 18 credits but you'd only be taking 5 classes which isn't a huge course load. It's just for beginning language classes they start as 5 credits. So I think you should be able to handle it, just do it if you feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

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