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I'm going to the University of Texas at Austin next crash and I just found out that my mom requests to go next to me to orientation. Instead of me staying contained by a dorm over those 4 days, my mom wants us to stay surrounded by a hotel. Is it normal for parents to attend position? And do you think me not staying on campus will be a problem? No one within my family have ever been to college so I hold no one beside prior knowlege to ask.

Answers:    i went to position with both my kids... it be held a few weeks before actual semester started. the position a few days before classes started be just for them. it is accurate for parents to attend. they will tell the parents abundantly of things about tuition, campus sanctuary, where nearest hospital is, etc. as economically as things you all inevitability to know (where the book store is, is health insurance available? is in attendance a doctor on campus?), etc. it is customary to stay on campus and get the intact experience. i would try to convince them of it. if they insist on hotel, see if you can at least stay on campus. they usually do not house the kids beside the parents. also, they sometimes have an after dinner mixer where on earth parents get together and gossip about things... this is the school's attempt at sedative nervous parents. i am deeply proud of you and hope you have a great college experience!
Many parents attend position. Many colleges have separate tours for parents and students during the situation. They are going to give you A LOT of information during position, so having someone near you is not a bad model. Don't get stressed - even the students who own family member in college are like a cat on a hot tin roof and experiencing the same question you are.

You do not have to stay surrounded by the dorm for orientation. The college itself may even hold an on-campus hotel. Just do some research on the their website or call the admission office.

Enjoy yourself as you embark on this stage surrounded by life!
It is up to you and the college as to the extent.

Many colleges own PRIVACY policies and will NOT tell parents almost grades, suspensions, etc., a general polcy of student privacy.

This does not apply to adjectives, just some.
It's awfully normal for parents to attend Orientation, I'm a freshman within college right now and my mom go with me, it's in actuality going to help her beside the transition of you going to college. The univerisity has made workshops for her to attend surrounded by order to answer any question she may have. Now as for NOT staying contained by the dorms its all up to u but I HIGHLY recommend that u do stay surrounded by the dorms...ur going to want to know what its like to be contained by a dorm and this the best way to spawn friends before you start academy, and a crash course for dorm life as economically.I remember going to my orientation and I loved it I met soo various ppl...I hope this helps u and ur mom out...

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