Any college guru's out there that are familiar with re-entry students?

Question:My question is this. its long so bear with me here.

I attended a private college that is on the quarter system in the Winter of 2005. After a month I left and accepted a job up north. I never withdrew correctly and, because I was conditionally accepted to the college, I received a letter in February 2006 saying that I was on Academic Suspension Number 1 and could re-apply but there was a possibility my application would not be accepted. I chose not to reapply then but its now almost 2 years later and I really, really want to go back. However, I checked my financial status with them and found out I owe the school over $3K for a loan or something. Even with this money I owe them and the fact that I am on Academic Probation 1 do you think I have ANY chance of being reaccepted for the Winter QTR? I am calling in the morning but just wanted to see what someone else thinks.

Once you settle your debt with them, you might. The problem is that not only will you have a hard time returning to that school, but you would likely have a hard time going anywhere, because other schools will require the transcript from that school & since you owe them money, I doubt they will release it. I would suggest checking with the school to find out what the school's policy is regarding withdrawals or Academic Bankruptcy, because it would be in your best interest to pursue non-punitive grades for those classes that you began & did not appropriately withdraw from.

Regarding the "loan", most schools don't give loans, so that seems odd to me, UNLESS, your tuition was to be paid with a Federal Student Loan & you were not in attendance long enough, so that the school had to do a Return of Title IV (4) Funds calculation & return part or all of that loan money which would leave you responsibile to the school for the remainder. That balance has likely now had interest added to it for non-payment & maybe even been sent to a collection agency & have additional charges from them, too.

I'm sure you realize this now, but this should be a lesson to EVERYONE. BE SURE that you ALWAYS properly withdraw from college courses & find out how withdrawing will effect you financially.
i have been in a similar situation. you will have to re-apply for the semester ahead of time. the college will send you documents that you will HAVE to fill out in order for them to consider you for acceptance. you will have to write out the extenuating circumstances and possibly have to have witnesses (or rather people that were aware of your personal situation) for documentation. also, you may have to start a payment plan and make the fist monthly payment. start the process early. like tomorow! best of luck!
Sure. If you can pay them the past money plus your current tuition (maybe even simultaneously, on a payment plan) , and write a letter to the Dean explaining your circumstances & your current high level of motivation, I would think most private colleges would welcome you back. They like students, generally, and don't hold grudges as much as we think.

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