What exactly is a fellowship??

Question:i registred on fastweb and they are showing me fellowships but i dont know what i means.

It's a type of graduate-level scholarship, usually just funding to do a certain type of specialized research. Unless you're going to grad school, you probably shouldn't even bother applying.

Fastweb's funky. It sent me stuff for the children of veterans and for minority students, when I told it that neither applied to me. You've really got to sort through that stuff.
Hi Shlane

In this case it means have you ever had a fellowship teaching position... its a term used for visiting or temporary professors at a university where they help other professors do research.

Per wiki... "The term "Fellow" is often used to describe the incumbent of a temporary academic post. Generally, a fellow of this type has very limited teaching duties and devotes the bulk of his time to research. The term is most accurately used to describe students that have been awarded a stipend or other funding that supports their pursuit of an advanced degree and/or research."

If you get a fellowship, someone is offering to give you money to go to school.

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