After passing the tough MCAT how hard then is Medical School going to be? Is it all downhill after the MCAT?

Question:My cousin Sara will probaby pass her MCAT next month but on all the practice MCAT's she was only getting 25's and 26's
when she needed a score of 30.
So let's say she passes the MCAT. Will it all be downhill from
there? Are there other big tests to take in Medical School and
is Med School harder than normal college?
Hope someone can give me some insite.

As someone that works as a medical professional, let me give you some clarity on your question. The MCAT is indeed tough. Medical school is tougher than regular college, only because the material is more in-depth, the time requirements are greater and longer, and the committment is more serious. Some classes may come easy to you, some may not. Some time requirements may be average, some may require more time. There are not so many "big tests," as there are compentencies in the subject itself. Getting into medical school is hard, succeeding is even harder IF and ONLY IF you are not committed to the prospect of devoting a lot of time and effort to getting your medical degree. This country needs doctors, so whether it is you or your cousin that is planning to start this endeavor, I wish you a lot of success and much fortune. The profession is very noble and the thanks from others comes in more ways than just a sizeable paycheck. Good luck!
The big exams are the Board exams. If you fail those, you can't continue on.

A TV example would be Grey's Anatomy. In one of the last episodes, they all take one of the Board exams. George fails and instead of repeating a year, he decides to quit. Might be the finale?

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