.Getting into law school.?

Question:Is it still possible to get into a good law school if the first year of my undergraduate career was pretty dismal.

My freshman year of colege I failed a few classes (but had them all removed from my GPA, they still show but don't count against it) and got a few C's. Since then, I have done much better.

If I finish off my final two and a half years with A's and retake the classes I got C's in do I still have a fair possibility to get into a respectable law school? Will my early, poor performance limit my ability to leave the state for school? Did I hurt myself too much early on?


You may not get into Ivy League law schools. BUT, you need to investigate which laws school graduates do the best on their Bar exams. (Those stats are on the Internet). THOSE schools, such as Texas Tech Law School in Lubbock, TX. do accept students with a track record like yours. And, firms desire those schools' graduates. Getting into law school is largely about your LSAT scores. Start looking at LSAT study guides (even Walmart has them) and start eating them up like candy. Don't wait until a month before you need to take the LSAT to start looking at those study guides and practice books. You need a couple of years playing around with them to get the BIG picture, OK? Also, get some respectable community service experiences under your belt in the meantime. Good grades alone don't cut it.
Better take up a trade,, Try being a blacksmith

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