Am I paying too much?

Question:Ok so yesterday I got my room assignment for college but b4 we can get the key I have to pay to months in advance which is over $800 plus on Sept.1 I have to another $443 for my first months $443 a month for living on campus too much...even though are rooms are apartment style is that still too much???

hmm I had a 200 dollar down payment and my room and board is 9,000 ish a year, so.. It is a tad high
not at all...thats pretty average if not low. welcome to college! unfortunately, everything is expensive
no i dont think thats too much cause u live somewhere off campus it might be 200-300 dollars more. but it also depends where u live
well first off all u gotta make sure u have that kinda money b4 u get urself in a stickey mess but that is alot of money to pay b4 u get ur key but if u like u should just get it cuz ur gonna end of paying it anyways.
Do you have any choice? It's cheaper than real rent.
I think it if is cheaper than an studio apartment in the area, you are probably getting a good deal.
That's actually pretty low compared to a lot of schools. Compared to my school, it's a giveaway!
does the bill include all the utilities and food at a dining center?

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