Am I a failure for quitting on a prestigious university?

Question:I've been accepted to UCLA and I was planning on going and moving really far away from everything I've ever known and my support system. I didn't research my decision beforehand and when I went down to LA I didn't like it at all. Now, I want to just go to a local university but it was too late to enroll for fall semester. I feel like I set myself up for failure because I didn't think this through. Now I am disappointed because my life is on hold for 4 months until the next semester and all my friends are moving on.

YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. Many students at schools like NYU and such are community college transfer students. Try to work hard, get great grades, and if you want to switch to a more presigious university, then you will surely have the option to. It's not about where you go to college, it's what you do there. I got into a prestigious university, but know that if I don't work hard, it'll mean nothing. Much less than someone who works hard at a non prestigious university. Cheer up. You've got your life ahead of you.
It doesn't matter how prestigious the university if you are going to be unhappy there and do badly. I think you made a good decision to go to a local university, you just had bad timing. Go to the place that makes you happy and you will do well. College is what you make of it. It really doesn't matter in the long run which college you went to unless it was an Ivy League college.

You can go to your local university for a couple of years and if you change your mind you can always reapply to get back into UCLA if you really wanted to.
Hey, you did not fail things happen
my freshmen in college I was supposed to wrestle but got hurt with a career ending injury and lost my scholarship due to not making the roster. It was 2 weeks into the semester this is what I did, since the college fu$ked me over I dropped out and went to community college for the rest of the semester and transfer to another college. You need to get on that ASAP like tommorrow. Good luck
Hey, thanks for asking.

Don't worry about it. If you know you don't like a university, there's no sense in going and then dropping out or performing badly because of your lack of interest. It's much better, in my opinion, to wait until the next semester and go somewhere that you can enjoy and do great at. Remember, most people don't finish college, so if you have to take a semester off to get your mind on track and be really secure in your decision, it isn't a problem. Better to take time and make the right decision than to be stuck with a bad one.

One semester is not a big deal, since you'll finish at virtually the same time as the people going to college for the Fall. In fact, you may finish before them, with summer classes, variations in units, etc.

Take these months to reflect and research the university that you think you will like.

And to answer your overarching question, no, you aren't a failure. Just because a university has high rankings doesn't mean it's the best fit for you right now.

May God bless you.
No, I don't think you're a failure. After all 4 months is not really that long. I just entered university last july, and had a "break" for over half a year, and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Once you get into university, you really have to work hard, so if you have the chance to relax, do so, maybe do a part time job to earn some extra cash, spend more time with your family, go do a bit of reading in many areas to increase your knowledge. As for your friends, I don't think it will matter. Humans are such that we are supposed to create new friends wherever we go, so good luck!
thats totally fine
u made a mistake by not planning and evaluating ur options
and u will pay for ur mistake by stayin on hold for 4 months.
but iam pretty sure that u learned from ur mistake and will definitely make up those 4 months
be pround of yourself for even getting into this school. If you got accepted you will be able to pass. They only accept the best of the best. after you finish these next 4 month anything will be possible for you
You are not a failure but you FAILED to plan for such an important decision. Where has your head been? lazy? procrastinator? mother dying?

Time to regroup. Just think, you made some kid's year who has been on the wait list!

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