AA degree or a Business associates degree?

Question:What degree is the better of the two? Associates in arts (the basic undecided degree) or Business Associate degree (Associate of Science)

Associates of Arts doesn't mean it is a basic undecided degree. You still have to major in something to get the degree otherwise you'll just have filled requirements for transferring but never end up with a degree. Associates of Science also doesn't mean it's a Business degree. You can major in Business and get an associates of science in it, but it doesn't specifically mean all associates of sciences are business degrees.

Associates of Arts generally means that you have taken more classes in things like philosophy, history, psychology, english, arts, etc. to fulfill general ed requirements.

Associates of Sciences generally means that you have taken more classes in the sciences and maths to fulfill general ed requirements.

You could be a fashion design major and have taken more drawing classes and end up with an Associates of Arts. Or you could end up being a fashion designer but end up taking more science and math classes such as drafting, fabric science, color/fabric dying, etc and end up with an Associates of Sciences degree.

To get an Associates degree you have to major in something, which can be anything from Business, Communications, Design, Nursing, Philosophy, Engineering, etc. It's up to you how if you want to make it an Associates of Arts or Associates of Sciences. In general for most majors it just makes sense to have either an associates in arts or science. For example if you get an associates in Engineering, it makes more sense to take science and math classes to help you in your career/major, therefore you'll want to get an associates in science. If you major in fine art, it makes more sense to take classes that will lead you to an associates in arts because it'll help you become a better artist mentally and understand how philosophy, the mind, etc works.
There is no such thing as a business associate's degree.

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