A doctor in the making with some questions! {med students or doctors only}?

Question:Hello all, I hope you are doing well. This question goes out to med students and doctors...I am starting medical school from oct and am really exited about it!...how stressful is it?...we do get time to party right?

Ok, so I'm not a med student, but.

The med students at my uni (Cardiff) work SO SO hard, but, having said that they do have the best and craziest parties to compensate for it!

Good luck and have fun!
Party your okole off!

That way you'll drop out, and the world won't be subjected to a half-*** doctor.
If you're looking to 'party' during your course studies, I think you may have chosen the wrong profession! Med school leaves little time for your mundane necessities, let alone for partying! If you plan on studying because of a vocational calling you'd be well advised to leave the partying to the people who have chosen less 'noble' professions! The last thing I'd like to know is that my a doctor at my hospital was too hung over to perform an emergency appendectomy !
uh what did you say you wnated to be? I really hope I do not get treated by someone who wants to p[arty over studying in a few years time.
Don't listen to them! Work hard, play hard. Medical students are not robots who just sit and work. Just because you go out and party does not mean you will not make a good doctor, provided that your studies are not jeopardised. Medical school is intense and can be quite stressful, but it's still university and you will be able to fit in a social life. Bare in mind that people in other courses will have a lot more spare time than you.

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