Do Community Colleges have classes in acting that transfer to another College/university?

Question:I'm the type of person who doesn’t really know what to study in college and is not sure of what career to choose. Well, I’m thinking about taking some acting classes at a Community College and then transferring to another College with the credit from the acting classes’ from a Community College. Is this possible? And do other colleges have internships or whatever for acting? What types are there?

Thanks =]

the only way you can tell is find out from the University what will transfer or not or you could get the info at your community college from the guidance counselor if you know what University you will be going too. I transferred from a community college to a University and a lot of my classes didn't transfer or transferred as electives.
depends on the state you live in.
If I were you, I would decide which classes you are going to take at community college. Then call your universities you want to attend and ask if they transfer. Also you dont ALWAYS have to declare a major right away, you can be in the "undecided" category, take classes that interest YOU and maybe you will find your nitch. Thats what I did, and I decided that I wanted to do something with Spanish, and I am currently in Spain teaching English in turn for free Spanish classes!! Hope this helps!
Most colleges will accept transfer credits from community colleges, however you will need to check with the college you want to attend later in order to see what classes will transfer and which you will actually need in order to pursue your degree. The community colleges in our area all offer performance, so hopefully you won't have any trouble finding one in yours.

I know that many colleges offer performance as a concentration within the major of Theatre Arts or Dramatic Arts. Usually they require you to get a certain amount of real-life experience through internships and can help you find them, but don't necessarily offer them at that school.

I started off as a Theatre Arts major and switched my junior year. I still minored in theatre and met some of the most amazing people. I wish you the best of luck!
Usually, the credits will transfer, but if you decide to major in theater at the new school, you may have to re-take those classes. So you'll keep the credits as "electives", but still have to retake the core acting or theater classes.

Still, I think the experience of taking the acting classes in cc will be valuable. It's a good idea.

Some community colleges have extensive theater programs, and will give you real world experience in theater arts. For example, the cc where my husband teaches theater has students in their production classes actually design and build sets for the college's productions. They also help students find internships and etc. at local companies that build sets for Broadway shows (we're in NY).

Also, if you enroll in college full time, you'll be eligible for SETCs (or your local equivalent). These are sort of hiring fairs for summer stock theaters in a particular region. They hire everyone from there - from actors to techies.

When you transfer to a four year program, if it's a good acting program, most of those have some sort of connection to an established theater. You will be able to do some intership types of work there. Depends on the school.
depends on the school, just call and ask
I don't think community colleges have courses in acting. Universities transfer a limited number of community college courses.

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