After taking pre-med in college can you get a job or carreer that pays well without going to med school?

It depends on what your major is. There's no such thing as a "pre-med" major. You can be engineering and still be considered "pre-med". You can get a nice paying job after college with an engineering degree.

If you're the typical Bio or Chem major, you can find some research jobs. They can be ok paying, altho most usually find it necessary to get a masters or PhD in order to get even close to what a doctor gets paid. Guess it depends also on what you consider a "well paying" job.
If you don't want to waste time in med school, I think(not sure) that you could become a nurse practitioner.
I'm sure you could, but you definitely could not become a doctor. You could probably become a nurse or some kind of medical assistant/tech. Nursing is a HUGE field right now, especially geriatrics because of the aging Baby Boomers. If you want a steady job, go into nursing. We will always need nurses.

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