Anyone in a sorority at Western Kentucky University??

Question:I'm looking to go to WKU next year. I was just curious what the sorority life was like??

Sorority life isn't really what you see on the tv show "greek" - that was designed with ratings in mind.
Sororities are a great way to meet new people, do have fun and to be philanthropic. The world's top leaders were all part of the greek system - it teaches leadership. Usually people in the greek system have higher gpa's than the rest of the campus because they have strict gpa requirements. you learn so much and have an opportunity to be a part of something great. I joined my sorority 10 years ago and am currently an advisor - it can become a lifelong experience if you want it to be!
I'd definitely recommend going through your campus recruitment. Have an open mind and more importantly, just have fun. You'll know if it's a right fit for you.
For those who will tell you joining a sorority means buying your friends or that you're shallow, they're really the narrow minded ones because they'll never give it a chance - they've made up their minds without doing any research or trying to find out the truth.
Follow your heart, you'll be just fine!

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