About houston community college parking?

Question:I'm new this semester, and a quick question about the parking--
--how much is it?
--do i need to purchase a different tag for the different campuses i will be enrolling at??

That's tough -- I couldn't find it online. It's been a few years, but I believe the permit was $35-50 a semester. It was good for all campuses. Check with your campus for the price (they will offer it at registration).

Not all of the campuses require it though -- some 'share' parking lots with other businesses, and can't really require it. I'm sure the answer "you must have one", but If they share their parking with Home Depot... Check the campus first.

HCCS police admisters the program... but doesn't give the price online.
713-718-8888 Police #
713-718-6000 Central Campus general info.
Good luck!

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