Anybody taken MUSIC APPRECIATION 1306 in college?

Question:How is it? I'd like to try something different as my elective this semester. Is it a really involved /difficult-type class or is it fun?

you know I have taken history of music and rock & roll before during summer and I loved it! We learned basically from the beginning of the time when the music was first became known all the way to the early 90's...teacher would play music sampling from all different singer, band and learn more in depth about the history, top chart hits, lyrics, personal life stories etc.lot of fun indeed!
I liked it. But then, I was a music major.

It's not usually any more difficult than art history and many people find it easier.

If you find old music (Mozart, Beethoven, Telemann, and more) annoying then you may not enjoy it so much. If you keep an open mind and try each of the genre that are suggested, you may find you like some of it.

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