Academically disqualified, now want to go to two CCs to transfer to UC?

Question:I was academically disqualified from calpoly, because I failed a math class & a computer science class, realizing that i don't want to do engineering anymore. so now i'm back home, and determined to transfer to a UC, like UCSD for biochemistry, for fall of 2008. what are my chances of getting admitted to UCSD if i attend two community colleges? i know to take classes listed in for my lower-division. are there any others i should take? should i also retake my english classes from cal poly at these CCCs, since they don't articulate with those at the UCs?

I don' t get why you have to go to two diifferent community colleges, but since you are in California and are trying to transfer from a school in California , they will give you the highest preference. As long as you take the suggested material and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5+ when you want to transfer, you'll get in.
I'm not going to say you can't.

But UC schools require exellent SAT and SAT IIs, especially in the maths and sciences. Not to mention their acceptance is like 4%.
This is a tough time but hang in there. Let me mention a few things that you may not have thought of.

Because you left your last institution in a bad academic standing, I don't know if you are allowed to apply to other public universities in CA before fixing things at your old school. However, attending a CC may count as your "last" institution. So contact the admission office at UCSD and explain your situation because I am assuming that you don't want to step into CalPoly campus again. But since you are from the CSU system, not UC, you may be OK.

Second, some CCs have TAG (transfer admission guarantee) agreement with UCSD. That means if you take 60 semester units (minimum of 30 at CC) required courses and maintain a 2.8 GPA, you are guaranteed admission. You may even be able to repeat some of the courses that you received less than a C but contact your CC for details on repeat grade policy. I am not certain if you qualify for TAG but this is definitely the way to transfer. Ask UCSD or your CC about it also.

I am not sure why you have to attend two CCs because it is just more work for you. But this is definitely time to ask a lot of questions and plan your every step. Do not try to plan everything by yourself and do not assume anything. Seek the help of the school administrators because they are the ones with the final saying. Asking questions in your current situation may be unpleasent but you don't want to make any more mistakes, right? Once you have a definite plan, it will motivate you study hard. Also a change of environment may do you some good. Good luck!

If you need UCSD phone numbers, call:

Link: CCs with UCSD TAG program.
a; stop. first, find out why you failed a class.
if it was family, and if that concern has
been rectified, ok. If not, you are begging for more failures.

b; sometimes, it is best to work in the work world
for 1-5 yrs full time or part time to reduce some
pressures at home. OR work FT and go to
school PT.

c; also, maybe it is that though you like
your subjects, you are not either mature
enough for them or talented for them.

get vocationally tested too--for free.

too often, getting into a school is the least of one's concern. Schools are pretty much the same everywhere; if we have a negative environment, it will follow us.

if we have things in full swing and working for us, school is almost a cake walk.

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