Hi, i am going to start a university degree soon i am really scared?

Question:I am really scared of messing up. im scared of all the responsibilities. I started a degree before......and it dint go according to plan, i have poor study skills...I know i def cant mess up this degree, i dont know what the secrets is, but i spend a lot of time in my work, but everything i do is very ineffective.

Practice good study habits. Set aside daily or regular times to study. Join or form study groups that meet regularly. Avoid people who are distracting or have a negative attitude toward school. Visit a professors office hours at least one day a week and ask him about what you don't understand. If the professor is friendly ask about practice exams or other practice materials.

It may not always be practical, but try to get a job that is on campus and is related to what you are studying. I worked as a tutor and as TA for some of the lower division classes in my major. It saved a lot of transportation time and paid decent and kept me versed in the material that I had studied.

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