Anybody out there start medical school in their 40's?

Question:I was just wondering if there were any 40 somethings out there who decided to go to medical school at this point in their lives and what was the experience. I am about to turn 39 and I've been considering taking the MCAT within about 2 years. I haven't looked at a Chemistry or Physics book since college, although I've worked in the healthcare industry for the past 15 years. So, I've considered enrolling in Chemistry and Physics classes at my local community college just for the sake of review (I might need the discipline of the classroom). Any thoughts from those of you who might have travelled a similar path? Thanks.

I started med school when I was 51. I had several 40-somethings in my class--one a professional athlete!

Although the thought of returning to the classroom was daunting, there really wasn't a negative experience. Your idea of doing the classroom review is a good one. In your preparation for the MCAT, try studying for hours every night, too. Not only will that improve your score, but it will get your feet wet for med school. Six hours a night studying is fairly routine. Not that the material is hard, but merely due to the volume of info presented on a daily basis.

Here's some other info: the info presented in class is not presented in the same manner in which it is tested. That may sound odd, but there is an expectation that you can extrapolate what is taught. Here's the best way to learn things: pick up the manual for each of your courses available in the Board Review Series. Also pick up First Aid for Step 1 of the USMLE. And for anatomy, pick up Netter's flash cards.

Personally, I found studying every night addicting. It was fun for me and my background as a PA gave me a little edge by knowing why the info I was studying was relevant.

Hopefully, you'll have fun, too. Enjoy the journey!
Why not do what I am doing. i graduated in biology and am moving onto an accelerated graduate adult nursing course.

you qualify quicker and its probably easy to get a job as a nurse. im only 22 though so i am eager to get earning some money. nurse pay IS less but so what, you will be dead one day and you probably get more than enough to live and pay the bills

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