Air force academy?

Question:so i got this letter in the mail from the u.s. air force accademy wanting me to join their swim team. I know the deal about the military, if i go to their school i owe them like 6 yrs of service or something. I want to get a BB in buisness then go on and get an MFA with a focus on the AFA worth it?

The AFA is a fabulous opportunity. I'm fairly close to the AFA, love the facilities, the area, the view, everything. The cirriculum is fairly stringent, but as long as you pass, get a good GPA, and complete your obligations, you'll graduate and be commissioned as an officer in the Air Force (2nd Lieutenant, I think). You get good health coverage, good pay, stable living conditions, and can retire with full benefits in 20 years. Beats working a normal job for 30, 40 or 50 years to retirement. I really believe that you should go for it.

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