10 points for best answer. how can i get the most outta of my internship?

Question:Im an intern for a non profit organization and my major is psychology. This internship has nearly nothing to do with my major but Im there bc i believe that this organization has a great cause and the enviroment and people are fantastic. My tasks are mostly administrative work. I rather do more outreaching than filing and other administrative tasks. Now my question is how can i get the most outta of my internship bc i still have one semester with it and i dont just want to do administrative work there. I can also drop it and find another internship that has to do with my major but I really like it there.

thanks and please-- serious answers only.

I am in the same position you are in. I am doing a co-op for my mechanical engineering at a manufacturing place doing mostly CAD. I for one do not want to do CAD work in the future, well not alot of it, and i really hate manufacturing. I want to do work in alternative energies such as wind power and solar power.

My advice would be to maintain a good relationship with your bosses and advisors. Make sure your work is always done precisely. Make sure you get along good with everyone and just show them your personality.

Your internship isnt always about the actual work you do. Future employers are very interested in how you get along with people and the relationships you can build with your co-workers. Your boss or bosses at your internship will be able to give you good references for future jobs. If your boss is ever asked about you, they will have good things to say about you.

Dont worry too much about how the job you are doing now isnt what you want to do. You will not be labeled for what you are doing now since it is an internship and such. When you are trying to get your first job, they will just be interested in the fact that you have actual work experience.

There are ALOT of schools that do not require their students to do internships or co-ops. Just having that work experience at that company shows them that you can handle your job and that the company liked you and thought you did such good work to keep you there.

Stay with the job if you like it so much. It also looks good that you stayed there that long.

Good luck
DROP this one...My job was handed to me so i didnt need an internship...but a lot of my friend esp the ones who major in Phyc. have jobs that dont pay crap. Unless you are planning to become a doctor or continue on to get a masters or high you choose an awful major. you're best bet is to find an intership that has somethign to do with your major and learn as much in you field as possible.
Talk to the people at the organization, and your counselor at your college/university. Tell them your concerns, tell them why you decided to intern at the organization. If you believe strongly in your self and the organization that you are interning Im sure that you can work something out.

You are getting good life experience, which is something you do need, but ask them if theres something you can do more suited to your major.

Make sure its legal in your area as well. I know it most likely is but in some places its actually considered illegal for a non-licensed person to provide counseling.

I think im understanding that this organization provides counseling and outreach to some demographic.

Stick with it if you can, i think it looks great to stay with a internship long term. Communicate your desires, im sure that together (you, your counselor, and the organization) can work something out that suits everyone.
Watch for opportunities to do more outreach. You don't say what area the nonprofit operates in - is it substance abuse, or religious, or a volunteer agency like United Way, for example. But say it's a religious organization of some sort. Since you're a student, you're probably not allowed to practice without the supervision of a licensed psychologist. But maybe you can find some low-cost psychological counseling in your community, and set up a referral system between your group and them.

Treat this like a project - do the preliminary research to see if anything is available, set up a plan, find someone who may need counseling, and do a small-scale test to see if it works. If you only have one semester left, you won't have time to implement a big program. But you can show that you are a self-starter, a hard worker, and can successfully implement a project of your own design. It's hard to ask for any more than that from an internship.

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